Southeast Michigan Audio Club

About SMAC

Southeast Michigan Audio Club (SMAC) was founded in September 2005 by a few audio fanatics looking to share their enthusiasm for audio gear and music. The group’s first meeting brought together fewer than ten passionate audio lovers.

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From the start, SMAC was deliberately kept informal and today our group is still just that—a gathering of like-minded music and audio junkies.

Our meetings sometimes include a short (one hour) presentation on a topic of a volunteer’s choosing that covers any of the seemingly infinite number of topics in audio. We hope to have future short seminars on tube rolling, optimizing speaker positioning, cable differences, and power conditioning in the coming months. We also spend a considerable amount of time at each meeting discussing music, audio gear, DIY projects, and the state of the hobby.

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Our Mission

SMAC’s mission is to provide a community for southeast Michigan audio enthusiasts to connect with and inspire one another. But each of us is also interested in promoting, sponsoring, and cultivating high-quality audio reproduction among others who may be less experienced.

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